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Beyond task assignment.

Eliminate manual work in the task assignment process. Automatically assign each task to the appropriate staff in the most accurate and fastest way. Drive to increased productivity and efficiency in meeting your business goals.


  • Excessive time spent in manual task assignment

  • Extra labor cost

  • Failure to comply with standards and regulations

  • Difficulty in performance monitoring


Boost revenue by optimizing workflow

Time to transform the way you do your business and run operations smoothly. Work Demand Management product minimizes manual processes by assigning tasks to the most appropriate personnel based on the real-time location and workload information. Decrease the time between task assignment and task completion, which will result in the same amount of task is completed in a shorter time with fewer workforces.

Speed up your task assignment

Stop planning in spreadsheets. Free up wasted time as our task assignment is performed in less than 10 seconds.

Increase operational quality

Assigning tasks to the closest and most appropriate porter decreases the patients' waiting time and porters' footprints across the hospital. Diminishing these both metrics has been getting more importance, especially after the COVID19 pandemic.

Boost staff satisfaction

Each staff's workload is recorded to prevent the disproportionate distribution of work. The feeling of justice creates staff satisfaction and loyalty. Mobile Application allows staff to view their tasks and process their pre-assigned tasks while moving.

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