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Total control over your assets.

Did you know that operating rooms generate around 40% of the hospital’s revenue?

Count your all assets within a day accurately. Identify which assets are lost or misplaced. Receive an accurate and up-to-date asset list. Increase asset efficiency, decrease over-purchase, and rentals.


  • Weeks spent on asset counting

  • High costs of asset operations

  • Difficulty in finding assets


Gear up your asset operations

With Asset Inventory Management product, count all your hospital assets within a day with only a single person without requiring a line of sight - you don’t even need to enter the rooms to count. Search and find your fixed assets by name, department, and category within seconds.

Achieve highest accuracy

Through RFID technology, see what is missing and what is not where it should be, accurately. The product provides up-to-date inventory list with the highest accuracy, preventing you from making wrong decisions with an inaccurate inventory list.

Maintain a paperless custody

Register the assets to the related personnel without requiring signatures on paper. It does reduce not only paper usage but also lowers your overall archive costs.

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