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Optimize staff-centric operations.

Nurses spend only 37% of their time on patient care. Gain a bird's eye view into staff operations, observe inefficiencies, and streamline the processes to better use time and labor. Focus on better patient care.


  • Nurses completes 72 tasks per hour

  • Failure to monitor and measure task completion times


Ensure task completions

Imagine a hospital with thousands of employees. It is not possible to keep track of daily staff operations with conventional methods. Staff utilization tracks and traces each staff’s real-time locations and status throughout the shift. Visual reports allow you to monitor whether tasks are completed within specified durations and take actions accordingly.

Boost your workflows

Once you gain insights into staff operations and observe staff density across the hospital, bottlenecks and inefficient processes become more visible. This allows you to fix inefficiencies and more effectively organize internal workflows.

Increase patient-staff interaction

Staff Utilization product helps measure and improve staff response time to the patients and time spent in each patient room. With better understanding, increase the patients’ time with staff, which results in higher patient satisfaction.

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