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Did you know that operating rooms generate around 40% of the hospital’s revenue?

The end-to-end patient journey in operating room process is on record without any human input. See where the bottlenecks are and what exactly causes the delays. Focus on decreasing patient waiting times and increase OR utilizations.


  • Under-utilized operating room capacity

  • Delays in the operating room process

  • Difficulty in spotting bottlenecks

  • High patient waiting times


Increase revenue per hospital bed

We bring end-to-end visibility to the patient's operating room process from pre-op. to post-op. RTLS-based Patient Throughput product reports enable you to see any delay at any point in the operation process and take actions accordingly. Reducing delays allow shortening patient stay in the OR and serve more patient. The result is lower patient turnover time with maximum OR room usage.

Correct patient-operating room match

Our product monitors the patient's real-time location data through RTLS and matches the patient with the planned operating room. If the patient enters the wrong operating room, visual alarms are generated to direct the patient to the correct operating room.

Boost patient satisfaction

Waiting time reduces patient satisfaction significantly. Improve your overall patient satisfaction by decreasing the waiting times and increasing the patients' time with staff.

Keep patient relatives informed

Visual dashboards enable relatives and loved ones to monitor the workflow of surgery and rest easy. They are informed when the surgery has started and when the patient leaves the operating room.

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