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Protect your patients. At all times.

Track your patients 24/7 across the hospital. Get notified if they attempt to leave their pre-designated zone.


  • Patients attempting to escape or wander away

  • Difficulty to call a nurse from anywhere in the hospital


Ensure that patients are in their pre-designated zone

Set up zones for patients with a risk of falling or those with Alzheimer's disease, and track them across the hospital via RTLS. Receive instant alarms if patients attempt to leave their pre-designated zone, there is no need for manual monitoring.

Make an emergency call from anywhere, anytime.

Patient Safety product can be integrated with your Nurse Call system, allowing patients to send emergency alerts 24/7 across the hospital by simply pressing a button on the Borda Patient Tag. The nurse will immediately receive the alarm with the patient's real-time location information to ensure the quickest possible reaction.

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