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Isolation Tracking

Isolation Tracking

Ensure social isolation without a need for a mobile phone.


As long as covid-19 positive people remain out there, the spread of the virus will continue.. Therefore, continuous isolation of those who test positive is crucial to public health and safety. The major challenge here is to make sure that those diagnosed with the virus obey quarantine protocol, and remain in their quarantine area without any violation. To overcome this challenge, and to ensure proper Covid-19 tracking, wristbands, and smartphone applications are launched, to assess whether people are complying with the quarantine rules or not.

However, this Covid-19 prevention method, which relies on customer-based products, only partially solves the problem; they become dysfunctional when the phone runs out of battery or turns off, which could be caused by many reasons. Therefore, there is a need for a better isolation tracking solution.


Isolation Tracking solution helps to prevent the spread of the virus to a great extent. It enhances public health and safety and gets life and economy back to normal. The solution monitors isolated people 24/7 automatically with the NB-IoT/LTE Cat-M based Tracking system, which does not need any mobile phones. Therefore, such instances when people go out without a phone or not being able to receive a signal due to poor cellular service won’t stand in the way.


A person in isolation wears a tamper & water-resistant wristband, which does not restrict any daily activities. The system instantly detects any movement out of the isolation area (house, building, room), and triggers a warning to the patient and immediately alerts the authorities via central screens. The security

of the system is strictly controlled.


How it works

  • Battery-operated NB-IoT/LTE Cat-M based tag produced by Borda Technology is positioned on a suitable place in the quarantine location to create a geofence in which the person has to stay for 14 days.
  • Bluetooth enabled wristbands are worn by the residents.
  • Each tag is registered in the system with their ID numbers.
  • An alarm is displayed on the screen of the authors if residents attempt to leave the Geofence area.
  • The person is given an audible warning via the tag in the house.
  • Removing the wristband triggers an alarm if attempted.

June 23,2020

Ozlem Elif Colak
Marketing Manager