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Keep your infants safe.
At all times.

Protect infants 24/7 by receiving real-time warnings if there is an unauthorized attempt to move them out of the pre-designated safe zone. Ensure correct mother-infant matching via visual alarms.


  • Baby kidnapping

  • Baby mix-ups


Enforce 24/7 protection for all babies

Our infant tags continuously monitor each baby with the highest precision. Alarms are triggered if the baby is moved out of pre-designated areas by an unauthorized person. An automated alarm is also triggered if there’s an attempt to remove the tag from an infant’s ankle.

Ensure correct mother-infant matching

To ensure that every baby is given to its mother, the infant tag is made to match the mother's tag. If there is a mismatch, an alert is generated and safety is ensured.

Catch abduction attempt on camera

The product is integrated with the CCTV system allowing you to watch any attempt through our interface and respond to it immediately.

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