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Highest return from mobile assets.

An average asset in a hospital remains unutilized for more than 50% of its lifespan. Identify how long your assets are being used in which location. Intelligently locate and manage assets according to demand, maximize efficiency.


  • Displacement of the critical assets

  • Difficulty in finding the moving assets

  • High asset downtime

  • High asset downtime


Make data-driven purchase decisions

RTLS-enabled Asset Utilization product tells where and which assets are idle and which assets are used most. Actual usage rate of assets lets you re-allocate assets to where they are in most demand and avoid unnecessary purchases and rentals.

Access assets anywhere, anytime

Nurses spend up to 30% of their time searching for assets. Through tracking the real-time location of assets, find any mobile assets in a matter of seconds. Eliminate time-consuming manual search, focus on patient care.

Ensure patient safety

In case the critical assets such as defibrillators go out of your pre-designated areas, we send automatic alarms to the appropriate staff. Thanks to this RTLS product, ensure that the required assets are in their pre-designated area and are available for patient care.

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