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Asset Maintenance Management

Extend Your Assets' Life.

Did you know that operating rooms generate around 40% of the hospital’s revenue?

Easily schedule preventative maintenance and create automated workflows. Track and manage all phases of breakdowns without needing any paper-work. Get both real-time and historical insights form repair time to repair costs for your business decisions.

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  • High asset downtime

  • Manual work for asset breakdown, maintenance, and calibration processes

  • Failure to track breakdowns details such as repair time and response time

  • Inability to report downtime and costs accurately

  • Difficulty to access maintenance status, and the documantation


Skip the paperwork

Organize, track, and manage all maintenance processes without any paperwork daily with the easy-to-use "digital protection calendar." Have a more comprehensive look at the maintenance completion ratio of all your branches on the same screen.

Automate all workflows

All work order requests are easily created by healthcare staff can be automatically assigned to the most appropriate technicians based on device category or request time. End-to-end automation of breakdown processes can save time and labor costs. It also prevents asset malfunctions and potential asset loss.

Accurately plan your asset purchases

Track the total, annual, and monthly downtime history of assets based on brand and model. Lighthouse tracks every operational cost, such as repair costs and the time spent on repair, to calculate each asset's operational-to-purchase cost ratio. By gaining a better understanding, you can plan your future investments (repairing, replacing, and new purchases) and decreasing asset lifetime costs. See downtime during the contract period allowing you to check your terms and conditions with your third-party vendor.

Consult to online solution portal

"Commodity mode" within the solution enables technicians to search solution methods for the breakdowns the face by simply typing the error code or describing the breakdown. Solutions added by other technicians are sorted according to technicians' feedback, who have met this problem before.

Keep your eye on your hospital

Instantly generate custom reports to see every metric you need, from downtime by contract to work order completion reates, maintenance costs by brand, and more. Accessing both real-time and historical data enables you to take data-driven quick actions and further decisions.

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